Monday, November 1, 2010

Power Surge On Hub Port

My friend’s laptop kept displaying this annoying error message “Power Surge On Hub Port.” Inside the error message box it further explain “A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.”

What is bothersome with the message is that there is NOT a single USB device plugged into the laptop USB ports.

So, i decided to click the error message balloon and up came Windows "Recommendation" dialog box. The dialog box gave two choices, a Reset button to reset the device’s connection and a Close button to disable the device. However, after you clicked the Reset button, the error message appeared again. Clicking the Close button to disable the port doesn’t solve the problem either.

Internally, there is something wrong with the USB controller circuitry, hence, the error message. But, fixing the circuitry is beyond the capacity of an ordinary computer user.

One informal fix to this problem is to ignore the USB problem and disable the displaying of the error message.

The steps are as follow:
Click Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware(tab) > Device Manager.
Click the + sign of the Universal Serial Bus controllers to expand the items.
right click the first USB Universal Host Controller > select Properties > select the Advanced option.
Select the checkbox “Don’t tell me about USB errors.” > click the Ok button.
close the Device Manager and Control Panel window.

It does disable the annoying Power Surge error message but this fix sometimes affect the proper working of the USB ports. 

A good workaround to this Power Surge problem is to disable the USB 2.0 enhanced host controller. When the USB 2.0 enhanced host controller is disabled, your computer loses its USB 2.0 functionality, i.e. the device is reverted to USB 1.1 functionality.

To disable the USB 2.0-enhanced host controller, follow these steps:
1. Click Start > Control Panel.
2. Click System icon > Select the Hardware tab > Device Manager button.
3. Click the + sign of the Universal Host Controller to expand the item.
4. Right-click the USB 2.0-enhanced host controller (USB2 enhanced host controller).
5. Select Disable.
6. Click Yes on the confirmation message.
7. Close the Device Manager and Control Panel window.

This should fix the Power Surge error and make the USB port work normally in 1.1 mode.

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