Thursday, December 31, 2009

HTC: Have you Talked about this Company?

HTC finally got the limelight when some of its smartphones emerges as winner in gadget or technology reviews for the year 2009. HTC (High Tech Computer ) Corporation is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of smartphones based primarily on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software.

Subsequently, HTC was transformed as it began producing exciting Android-powered handsets. The HTC Dream, traded in the market during the last quarter of 2008, was the first HTC smartphone that uses Android, the Google designed operating system.

Next to come out of the HTC’s ISO 9001/ISO 14001 qualified facilities is HTC Magic which was released during the 1st quarter of 2009. The HTC Magic, also powered by Google’s fully customizable mobile platform - Android, is designed with a professional outlook, and promise effectiveness with its advanced list of capabilities.

Another HTC smartphone rushing to the finish line before the yearend is HTC Hero. Basically, this 3G smartphone has 288 Mb RAM, 512 Mb ROM, 3.2” HVGA display, WiFi, GPS, and a 5 MP camera. With the Android mobile operating system lurking behind this smartphone, all the various Google applications, such as email, search, maps, contacts, widgets, and more is part of your phone’s personalization.

Clearly, coming from behind the rest of the cellular phone giants, HTC emerges as the T3’s Phone of the Year winner with its Android powered smartphone HTC Hero.