Monday, April 2, 2012

Facebook Profile Viewer is it real?

It is really intriguing to see who viewed your Facebook profile. Friendster before had this tab labeled "Who Viewed Your Profile", clicking on it would simply show you a list of friends who have been viewing your profile. Flattering or frightening? It depends on who's viewing...

Now, you got this invitation posted by your Facebook friends, that you can see who viewed your Facebook profile. The intrigue to see who's been viewing you makes you click on the link which asked you to permit an application to access your account.

After allowing the application to proceed you are actually tricked by the apps to run a script on your browser. You are then shown a list of people that the application made you believe they have viewed your profile.

Behind the scenes, the application is also busy posting a message on your Facebook page (without your explicit permission), encouraging others to also use the application which looked like the posted invitation which you have just clicked a while ago.

What the application have done without your permission is a clear proof that it is
indeed a rogue application. It is actually a scam that is designed to make the user visit survey websites, sign up for online services or scoop up your personal information.

Did you fell for it? Remove the Facebook profile viewer invitation posted by the application on your timeline, revoke the application publishing rights and make sure that you have revoked its access to your account. And next time, google the application name or title first before allowing them access.

So, did Facebook authorized an apps to show you a list of people who have
viewed your profile? Facebook did not!!!